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colorado ballot issue: slaughter age for poultry and other livestock

colorado has an interest ballot issue for the next election. it is supposedly designed to “protect animals for unnecessary suffering and exploitation”. specifically, it involves revisions to statutes 18-9-201 (amending sections (2), (2.9), and (5), and adds section (3.5)) and revisions to 18-2-202 (adding section 1.9). 16originalfinal.pdf (state.co.us) statute 18-9-201: definitions section 2 revisions include …

comparing egg quality across production systems

a paper was included in the latest issue of poultry science (december 2020) that i thought might be of interest to our readers. it looked that the quality and cost of commercially available specialty eggs and compared them with conventionally-produced eggs, that is, produced with hens in cages. they compared brand name eggs labeled as …

human salmonellosis cases related to backyard poultry

every year we have outbreaks of human salmonellosis related to backyard poultry. according to the latest numbers from the cdc (november 18, 2020), there have been 16 multi-state outbreaks of salmonella illness this year linked with poultry in backyard flocks. this year we have had the highest number of cases ever! as of november 18, …


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