poultry industry leaders of the future – where will they come from?

the american and international poultry industries have been expanding at a rapid pace to meet the ever growing demand for poultry meat and eggs. despite this rapid growth, there is a decline in american universities with poultry science departments and/or programs. there are only six american universities with poultry science programs – texas a&m university, university of georgia, auburn, north carolina state university, mississippi state university and the university of arkansas. most of the undergraduate students in these departments have jobs well before they graduate. so why aren’t more students interested in the poultry industry? in addition to the poultry majors, there is a need for many other non-agricultural degrees and vocational certificates. this includes those with beplay官网全站苹果 , accounting, engineering, maintenance, marketing, human resources knowledge and much more. as new poultry products are being developed, food science majors are also being grabbed up by the poultry industry. with the increase interest in animal welfare, animal behaviorists have found a niche. whatever you interest of study, you most likely can find a place in the poultry industry